Milk. Plastics. Cans. Electronic payments. Vaccines. Our clients are industries and sectors whose products and services are essential, but undervalued, threatened and often in decline.

Statler Nagle specializes in creating and managing customized programs and campaigns that transform the way people think about products and services they otherwise take for granted. We do this by repositioning the value of an industry or sector across the full range of stakeholders that create market conditions: industry members, customers, social advocacy groups, consumers and policymakers. Our programs are designed to break through internal and external barriers in order to elevate industries to a stronger market position and accelerate results.

Many business leaders express the need for a got milk? campaign for their own industry. We’re the only firm that can deliver it crisp, clean and chock full of the vital elements necessary for success.

“Statler Nagle’s experience in helping industry groups craft a coherent message
and strategy has
been ground breaking for our industry. Their market research
and messaging is unprecedented—
they are helping bring a fragmented
industry together around common, measurable goals.”

– Bob Risser, Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute

Got hurdles? That’s where our work begins. We work closely with professional organizations, industry groups and corporations to understand their business or policy challenges and determine both the objectives and the feasibility of an effort to clear them. Our evaluation includes a review of the industry climate and the customer and consumer environment, business analytics, and public opinion research to determine whether a campaign could be effective and adequately funded. We assist with scenario planning, develop campaign scopes, identify target audiences, develop program budgets and timelines and define clear goals for success. We also provide campaign audits and recommendations for optimizing existing programs.

Building consensus among competitors can be challenging, even when they share a common problem. From agreeing on core objectives to decisions on funding, governance and management, there are several points at which discussions of cooperative marketing and/or advocacy efforts can break down. We facilitate this process with an objective perspective that helps build consensus by articulating a shared vision for the campaign, with goals and desired outcomes all parties can agree are beneficial, and equitable across the group.

Industry- or sector-wide marketing, image and advocacy programs are entirely distinct from brand or product marketing efforts. We have developed a number of proprietary best practices in industry marketing campaign areas, such as: agency selection, market research, campaign staffing models, funding mechanisms, and dealer/retail-level integration. We also provide ongoing strategic support and, if needed, outsourced campaign management.

Measuring the impact of a campaign serves two important purposes: determining whether or not the campaign delivers on its fundamental objectives; and determining which elements of the campaign are most or least successful. We use a proven five-tier measurement system to determine the impact of a campaign. This measurement process is dynamic, and can be tailored to the industry and the precise success metrics of the campaign. We also provide fully independent measurement services for existing programs.