Don’t Just Plan to Retire, Plan to Live: Behind the Scenes of the Alliance for Lifetime Income’s New Ad Campaign


Statler Nagle’s work with the Alliance for Lifetime Income recently took Jean Statler and Tiffany Westover-Kernan to South Africa to oversee the production of the Alliance’s new ad campaign. The shoot took place in Cape Town, which has come to be a top location for advertisement and movie production in recent years, thanks to its perfect weather and beautiful landscapes of mountains, lakes, and ocean.

Statler Nagle believes in implementing values-based marketing in our campaigns, to better connect with consumers on more than just the surface level. By leaning into the values that motivate their behaviors, we can present a message that holds real significance to our audience. The thinking behind this campaign was no exception.

To get to the core of what Americans desire in retirement, we conducted focus groups as well as a quantitative study – and the findings were clear: people want basic financial security so they can feel optimistic and proud about their opportunity to live the life they want in retirement.

The Alliance’s ad plays on this sentiment by demonstrating how having protected lifetime income as a base can help fuel a longer, fuller life in retirement. By presenting images of people enjoying the freedom of doing life’s everyday pleasures in retirement that we often miss out on when working fulltime – whether it’s fishing, playing with grandchildren on the beach, hiking in the mountains, enjoying a birthday party with family, spending time with a daughter on her wedding day –  we show that what you’ve dreamed of doing during these years can become a reality when you have financial security from an annuity.

You’ll notice that the ad also depicts a celebration of a traditional Hindu festival, Holi, which celebrates the arrival of Spring and represents a new beginning filled with happiness, love, and color. Like Spring, retirement is also a new beginning, which the Alliance believes should be filled by doing the things you love with the people you love.

You may also recognize the song in the background of the ad as “Ooh La La” by The Faces. Not only does the song’s chorus align with the Alliance’s focus on preparedness for the future, but it was also written by Ronnie Wood, current member of the Rolling Stones. This holds special meaning for the Alliance, as this summer they will return as the sole sponsor of the Stones’ No Filter tour to directly connect with its target audience one-on-one about the importance of protected lifetime income.

Watch the ad and learn more about the #PlanToLive campaign: