Advertising – It’s just the Tip of the Iceberg


When you see the unmistakable milk mustache, your mind may automatically leap to “Got Milk?” This is undoubtedly a sign of successful advertising, but messaging only goes so far if the other foundational parts of a campaign aren’t securely in place.

Advertising is almost always the most visible aspect of any category marketing program, and effective consumer communication is essential for reaching target audiences. But, the success of industry-level programs depends on a number of other things that a consumer doesn’t necessarily see. There is much more needed to support a successful campaign that delivers business growth, such as:

  • Customer or B2B marketing and communications
  • Facilitated customer experimentation
  • Industry business development initiatives
  • Products, process and marketing R&D
  • Market intelligence and research

Finding and addressing the barriers to business growth, in addition to identifying key messaging opportunities is the pathway to building a campaign that can go the distance. If these other foundational aspects are not in place, messaging efforts will not be as effective.

Honing your strategy is the necessary first step before you’re ready to hire the ad agency that will implement it. And while it definitely contributes, remember that measuring the success of the campaign solely on the success of ads doesn’t provide a holistic view. Statler Nagle specializes in developing, implementing and managing fully functional category campaigns that drive business outcomes. In the end, it is the business outcomes that make a campaign successful, not impressions or recall of a tagline.

While ads can work wonders, it’s important to remember that a campaign is more than its tagline.